Acne / Pimples / Blackhead
Causes of Acne, Pimple and black head.

Our skin has billions of pores and from each pores hair come out and at the pores of hair there is an oil gland.

At very young age these glands become more active due to hormonal changes result inflammation of pore and dead skin cell black the opening of pore. Some type of bacteria grow inside the pore result into red inflamed pimples, acne on skin, when skin is very dry and oil secretion is less from gland this result in black head.

Factors Cause Acne Pimple and Black Heads

1. Food :- oily and fast food plays big rule in aggravation of acne because fatty diet increases the secretion of oil gland and make the Foundation for acne so avoid oily and fast food.
2. Diet/ dust
3. Stress- stress cure hormonal change and result in acne, pimple.
4. Heredity:- it is found that if one of your parent has past history of pimple these are very high chance that you also suffer from this problem.
5. Cosmetics: – all the cosmetics contain chemicals, these chemicals cause skin irritation result in blockage of skin pores and cause pimple.

Treatment for acne, pimple and black heads. First time in India we are providing permanent solution to your acne, pimple and black head problem by providing best ayurvedic and German homeopathic herbs,

Our Medicine acts in 3 ways
1. Purifies your blood.
2. Balance your hormonal changes.
3. Increase the blood circulation to skin for speedy recovery.

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